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Data, data, data! — Marketer’s POV Part 2

Just when you thought I was done with data, ah-ha! 

Data is so essential it deserves the #1 and 2 spots on my to-do list (and in your top priorities too).

There are many types of data: CRM, ERP, Legacy data, Website, eCommerce & transactional data, etc.

Not to mention all the data we as marketers have access to—web & digital analytics, MAS, competitive intelligence, market research, surveys, forms, social media analytics, call tracking, etc.

No wonder we’re overwhelmed.

There’s a perception among marketers that not all data needs to sync to your MAS. And, for the most part, I agree.

BUT how do we define what data is a need in MAS and what is not?

Here’s how to get started:

  1. First, identify and document all of your data sources and the types of data received from each source.
  2. Then, ask yourself: How do we want to use this data?
    Is it for personalization in our marketing content and assets? Or use in segmentation? Or perhaps trigger a sales notification or workflow in Salesforce or feed into a nurture program?

Once you’ve clearly identified a use case for the data, then (and only then) should you start creating a plan to integrate that data to Pardot.

This leads us to Data integration (coming up in our next blog post!)

If you missed Part 1… find it here! 

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