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During Covid -19, Put Your Team in a Community

During COVID -19, Put Your Team in a Community


By: Rob Hansen and Lauren Thompson

Contributions from: Jennifer Borkovich


Why you should be using Salesforce Communities with your team

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have had to move from an everyday office to a virtual team. Keeping in touch with co-workers and staying engaged with clients in these circumstances is challenging. We have seen how Salesforce Communities can alleviate some of these challenges and keep communication easy and open.

What are Communities, and why would my team need one…?

Communities are branded spaces for people to connect online. Salesforce Communities look like any other website but have the power of Salesforce behind them. You have probably interacted with dozens of Salesforce Communities when you are shopping online or researching a product and do not even realize it.

Communities can be built for any group – Employees, Channel Partners, and even Customers. Communities are easily customizable and secure sites for you to share important information with employees and customers wherever they are and on whatever device they use. In addition to sharing general company communications on the Community, CRM data can be shared securely with full control over who sees what. In a time when face to face collaboration is impossible or not safe, imagine your employees going to a Community where they can see the latest knowledge articles, research your latest product releases, find answers to their questions, create their own support ticket, or update their contact information. Partners can securely receive leads, collaborate on projects, and share updates back to your team. For those of you who remember company Intranets from back in the 1990s and 2000s, an Employee Community is that on steroids – a secure way to communicate and collaborate internally without cluttering up everyone’s inbox with those emails that are CC’d to all employees.

Different features can be used with your communities to open even more options for communication…

  • Reference articles
  • Case deflections (redirect support questions with knowledge article)
  • Chatter groups for external and internal communication, easier than email for day to day communication.
  • Adds on such as a Learning Management System (LMS) for training and education. Appinium is one example.
  • Secure Document Storage and eSignature collection
  • User directories to quickly find contact information for team members

Employee Communities are available to easily add as an extension to your org and make communication flow as you make the switch to a virtual team. Interested in seeing how a Salesforce Community can ramp up your communication game? Give The Hunley Group a call.

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