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The Hunley Group Blog: 8 Points of Light: Making your CRM succeed for you

8 Points of Light: Making your CRM succeed for you CRM implementations (& major projects) succeed based on a set of common themes. What are things you can do to make them really successful: 1. Treat it as a process project, not a technology project:  CRMs are sales and marketing automation systems.  They automate your processes.  Before you start, have  you identified what processes you want to automate?  Do you have those processes defined? Do you have organizational consensus that they are your processes? 2. Start from KPIs:  If you know your processes, you should also know how to measure them.  Know what metrics define success in your business, how you want to measure them, and where the bar should be set for each.  Defining what you want to measure up front establishes what data needs to be collected and how - so you can measure it. 3. Do not reinvent the wheel:  Demand best practices approaches from your implementation team.  If you feel they’re figuring this out as they go, asking “what do you want it to do?” rather than presenting you with “here’s the most effective way to do this” or “here’s what other clients like you have used successfully before” … then you probably don’t have the right implementation team. 4. Don’t boil the ocean:  Build a [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: Building Products: Call Tracking. What, Why, & How.

Building Products: Call Tracking. What, Why, & How. Call tracking is one of the most basic functionalities and most prevalent use cases for a CRM.  From a survey of building products companies, this question received more positive responses than any other. Why do we see building products firms mandate call tracking? It’s a memory aid.  If you had 10 customers, you probably wouldn’t need a prompter to recall what you said last and to whom.  When you have 200 customers, with several hundred more prospects, OMG, how can you possible recall what you said to who just last week?  At its most simple, a CRM should remind you what to do and when, and call tracking helps a lot with that.  It’s a targeting tool.  With the fragmentation in building products, with hundreds of dealers and thousands of contractors, builders, and architects, if you’re not prioritizing who you engage with … well, maybe you shouldn’t be in this business:)  If you have your A’s, B’s, and C’s categorized, it’s typical to see a flavor of “A’s should be called upon every month, B’s, every quarter.” So you need to be able to pull trip planning lists of “all A customers I haven’t called on in the last 30 days”. It’s a coaching tool.  One of the most effective uses [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: The CEO & the CRM: 5 Tips for Successful Adoption

The CEO & the CRM: 5 Tips for Successful Adoption A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a necessary and exciting sales productivity tool for any company. It is a leading indicator of how your business will perform: you can see selling activity, which leads to pipeline growth, which leads to better sales forecasting, which leads to actual sales. But all too often, this big-ticket software purchase becomes a source of friction between you and your go-to-market team: adoption is low, the data is incomplete, and several sales reps steadfastly refuse to use it. And you, the CEO, are left wondering, “Why?”  Based on years and years of successful CRM installations and optimizations, we find the following roadmap to be critical. 1. Perception Mindset is Critical to Adoption If you approach the CRM as a “reporting tool” for executive benefit, you will have lost before you’ve begun. While a CRM IS an invaluable path to transparency into your organization’s performance  reporting tool for you and senior management, referencing focusing only on what reports you get out of it, rather than how it makes sales more effective, it as such to sales makes it sound like establishes that Big Brother is watching.  And it just drops another administrative burden on sales. Don’t be that CEO.   Perception matters.   Carrots and sticks. [...]

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