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The Hunley Group Blog: During Covid -19, Put Your Team in a Community

During COVID -19, Put Your Team in a Community By: Rob Hansen and Lauren Thompson Contributions from: Jennifer Borkovich   Why you should be using Salesforce Communities with your team During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have had to move from an everyday office to a virtual team. Keeping in touch with co-workers and staying engaged with clients in these circumstances is challenging. We have seen how Salesforce Communities can alleviate some of these challenges and keep communication easy and open. What are Communities, and why would my team need one…? Communities are branded spaces for people to connect online. Salesforce Communities look like any other website but have the power of Salesforce behind them. You have probably interacted with dozens of Salesforce Communities when you are shopping online or researching a product and do not even realize it. Communities can be built for any group – Employees, Channel Partners, and even Customers. Communities are easily customizable and secure sites for you to share important information with employees and customers wherever they are and on whatever device they use. In addition to sharing general company communications on the Community, CRM data can be shared securely with full control over who sees what. In a time when face to face collaboration is impossible or not safe, imagine your [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: Give them what they need: Real-time sales data visibility

DISAPPOINTED, BUT NOT SURPRISED   So many times a CRM is used as a management tool for reporting. Clients forget - or simply cannot get their heads around the need - to make it a productivity tool.   If you’re in the building materials business, with all its gloriously fragmented channels to market, the complexity of product lines, and the myriad choices that your customers have, useful data on sales is one of the most powerful tools you have. As a sales rep, you need solid and sound data, distilled for your needs, presented at your fingertips.   So while we’ve long past being surprised when we encounter a client who doesn’t acknowledge that integration of sales data into their CRM should be virtually priority number one, we’re still disappointed when we see it.   IT’S ABOUT EASY ANSWERS AND USEFUL INSIGHTS   Let’s imagine the top-of-mind questions that a CRM could answer for a sales rep:   How am I doing? Sales reps are incentivized by commissions. It stinks to have to wait till the end of the month (or quarter), after the fact, to get emailed a static report of sales results for a territory. Summary sales performance on the login home page is eye candy for a sales rep.   How are my accounts performing? Clicking into [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: Building Products Manufacturers – Put your Dealer (Contractor) Locator on steroids

  Building Products Manufacturers - Put your Dealer (Contractor) Locator on steroids   If there’s anything ubiquitous about a building materials company’s website, it’s a dealer locator. (Or contractor locator. Or both. How about we just call it a “Locator” for this post?) Now, what would you like your Locator to do for you? Well, if you put in a postal code, you’d like it to return a list of the closest dealers or contractors closest? What else would you like? Let’s think about that for a minute; hmm ... Well, first you’d like that list to be current and accurate. You’d like to maintain the underlying database that gets polled to be easy. Or maybe even zero effort on your website. You’d like to be able to prioritize your best (or preferred) dealers & contractors so they show up first You’d like to rotate through those favorites so everyone gets a shot at the top You’d probably like to be able to let your contractors and dealers choose which ZIPs they show up in, not just which they’re closest to, since their shop might be pretty far from the chichi neighborhoods most likely to make big purchases. You’d like to let your customers connect directly with your partners, but have some control over knowing that they did You’d like [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: Building Product Manufacturers – Put yourself in the master spec with the right architects

Put yourself in the master spec with the right architects Chasing specifications is an elbow-grease necessary part of the game in the world of commercial construction.  But it is tres laborious and time-consuming. And if you’ve got to try to get into a spec from the start, or flip a competitor’s spec, it’s pretty inefficient. So how do you get in there, to begin with?  Ah, right. The master specification. Now maybe you can get listed in MasterSpec or SpecLink and hope to pick up a whole slew of projects.  But a great many shops - particularly the big houses like Gensler, HKS, SOM, and HOK - don’t use a third party; they write their own. Well, You can boil the ocean and go after every architect out there and seek to get listed.  There are only 20,000 architectural firms in the US; you should be able to knock that out by next quarter, right? If only there were a better way.   First, let’s start by doing some manual targeting  You could use an ENR list to pick the biggest, or SpecShare to pick the architects who are listing the most specs that list your product.   Get those firms loaded to the CRM, and flag them as top priority firms.  Assign them to the appropriate territory manager, then track [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: Building Product Manufacturers: Part 2: Finish Winning the Game of Specifications

The Great Game of Specifications, Continued ... In a previous post, we started to layout how you could leverage a CRM like Salesforce to raise your game in pursuit of specifications market success.  We discussed how to Capture, Conserve, and Flip. Now we continue with: 4. Maximize 5. Hold 6. Bid 7. Close 4. Maximize:  Find cross-sell & upsell opportunities for other products in your catalog Last time we talked about how to capture, qualify, and flip a spec your way with efficiency gains delivered by Salesforce.  Now let’s move into growing your share of wallet on a given project. Do you manage multiple product lines?  Have different business units that leverage independent sales teams? What better way to grow your business than by seeking to maximize your share of wallet?  Train your reps to look for corollary products on a project they’re chasing, and toss a bone to their colleagues. Make it worth their while by using the CRM to track those lead creations by paying them a spiff on the cross-sell!   5. Hold:  Defend your own specs So you’re in the spec now, one way or another.  But it could be months or years until the subs are ready to bid your product category.  And that offers the bad guys (and aggressive GCs) plenty of windows to [...]

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