The Hunley Group Blog: The Salesforce Feature that your Company Should be Using During Covid-19

The Salesforce Feature that your Company Should be Using During Covid-19 By: Rob Hansen and Lauren Thompson Contributions from: Jennifer Borkovich   Why should I be using Salesforce Communities with my customers...? During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have had to move from an everyday office to a virtual team. Keeping in touch with and staying engaged with clients in these circumstances is challenging, but now is also when customers need it most. We have seen how Salesforce Communities can alleviate some of these challenges. Customers rely on constant communication, and communities are one way to keep an open conversation, keep customers up to date on projects, and answer questions quickly. What are Communities, and how can it help my customers…? As noted in our team blog post, communities are branded spaces for people to connect online. Salesforce Communities look like any other website but have the power of Salesforce behind them. But Salesforce communities differ from email and other channels in that they are secure and have the data directly accessible from your Salesforce.  You have probably interacted with dozens of Salesforce Communities when you are shopping online or researching a product and do not even realize it. Communities for customers is a self-service that easily connects them to business data, empowering them to manage their [...]