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The Hunley Group Blog:: Is your CRM a failure?  Is it the CRM, or is it you?

Is your CRM a failure?  Is it the CRM, or is it you?   Wow.  More Than a 50% Failure Rate So we ran a little survey.  Polled about 1,000 executives and sales users on their perceived CRM success.  And less than 50% considered their CRM a win.     So We Asked Some More Questions.  And It Got Really Interesting. While we were at it, we also surveyed the group on their adoption of CRM best practices.  Wow. It turns out there’s a very strong correlation between whether those frustrated with their platform were adhering to those best practices.   The reality?  It’s not whether a CRM will work for you; it’s whether you know how to make it work for you. Grouping the Key Questions Adoption.  Adoption means your user set has embraced the CRM as an embedded tool.  Users adopt a system that is an indispensable productivity tool for users, that management can’t function without, and that management mandates use of. Organizational Commitment.  You've almost certainly heard the adage, “if it isn't in the CRM, it doesn't exist!” Cliché by now? Yeah. Well, it’s true. Successful embrace of a CRM does not happen by osmosis. It happens because the management team is determined that a CRM is a mission-critical system.  They’ve ensured that all users are trained and [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: Think you’re ready? 7 questions to ask yourself before implementing a CRM.

Think you’re ready? 7 questions to ask yourself before implementing a CRM. 1. Do you have your business impact objectives identified?  IE, what you’re going to use the CRM to do for you? Too many people purchase a CRM “because they’re supposed to have one” and think it will move the needle for them based on that.  We’re not clear there are many other investments that businesses make where they’re not sure they’ll gain an ROI from the expenditure.  The CRM should be the same. Clearly define what you anticipate the CRM doing for you.  Here’s some common use cases to get you started: Maintaining a segmented database of targeted customers and prospects for the sales team to pursue Establish an easy and automated way for the team to track calls and prioritize follow-ups Establish a measurable system to capture, track and monitor leads Gain market share in core products Automate manual and time-consuming processes X, Y, and Z Gain share of wallet with key customers Manage commissions Make sales data readily visible in real-time to sales reps 2. Are your processes clearly defined? It is appropriate to think of a CRM implementation as a process project as opposed to a technology project.  Because that’s what it’s supposed to do - sales, marketing, and service process automation.   And CRMs are [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: The 4 C’s: Driving CRM adoption

The 4 C’s:  Driving CRM adoption   “Adoption” means your users have embraced the CRM.  They’re using regularly, relying on it, and consider it a part of their daily work cycle. There’s nothing simple or easy about this.  Yet there’s nothing more important to achieve, because this is both core to getting your CRM to bear ROI fruit and core to proving that your CRM can bear fruit.  Yin and yang. The Four C’s to Adoption Success How do you distill the essence of successful adoption practices down to a few words?  Let’s try four: Championing Cheerleading Coaching Confirming  First, before you do anything else, identify and gain the commitment of a corporate Champion.  The champion’s title starts with a V or a C; no one more junior will do.  And they must be in a position of authority over the users. The champion’s job is simply this:  “an authoritative stance that the CRM is a key part of our processes; it is my expectation that my managers and their reports will use this system regularly.  I will be watching.” The champion doesn’t have to be any sort of big-time user of the CRM, but they should definitely be looking at the dashboards and setting the expectation to “show me” within the system. Next, while you’re in the process of [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: CRM Failures: Avoid the 7 deadly sins

Salesforce is a big investment for you.  But stories of CRM failures abound. What can you do avoid missteps that could put you in that dismal company?  Start by considering these key ways to fall on your CRM face: 1. Assuming It Works Magically: You license a CRM and expect the tool will just do the job for you.  Uh. No. A CRM represents a paradigm shift in the way your manage your sales and marketing processes.  You do not simply put it in place out of the box and watch it get picked up automatically by the team. 2. It’s not aligned to mission: Your business priorities are not embedded into the CRM.  Your key processes aren’t clearly defined and built in as a core part of the use of the CRM. 3. No executive champion: You don’t have a VP or c-suite executive who demonstrates vested interest in making the CRM success.  Top management is not involved, and do not manage from CRM data 4. Lack of Discipline: Leaders let the team use it if they like and how they like.  Processes are not clearly defined, with the expectation that they be followed consistently.  “Here it is, use it if it’s helpful to you.” 5, No Maintenance Investment: There’s an expectation that the tool will manage itself, and [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: The CEO & the CRM: 5 Tips for Successful Adoption

The CEO & the CRM: 5 Tips for Successful Adoption A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a necessary and exciting sales productivity tool for any company. It is a leading indicator of how your business will perform: you can see selling activity, which leads to pipeline growth, which leads to better sales forecasting, which leads to actual sales. But all too often, this big-ticket software purchase becomes a source of friction between you and your go-to-market team: adoption is low, the data is incomplete, and several sales reps steadfastly refuse to use it. And you, the CEO, are left wondering, “Why?”  Based on years and years of successful CRM installations and optimizations, we find the following roadmap to be critical. 1. Perception Mindset is Critical to Adoption If you approach the CRM as a “reporting tool” for executive benefit, you will have lost before you’ve begun. While a CRM IS an invaluable path to transparency into your organization’s performance  reporting tool for you and senior management, referencing focusing only on what reports you get out of it, rather than how it makes sales more effective, it as such to sales makes it sound like establishes that Big Brother is watching.  And it just drops another administrative burden on sales. Don’t be that CEO.   Perception matters.   Carrots and sticks. [...]

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