The Hunley Group Blog: 8 Points of Light: Making your CRM succeed for you

8 Points of Light: Making your CRM succeed for you CRM implementations (& major projects) succeed based on a set of common themes. What are things you can do to make them really successful: 1. Treat it as a process project, not a technology project:  CRMs are sales and marketing automation systems.  They automate your processes.  Before you start, have  you identified what processes you want to automate?  Do you have those processes defined? Do you have organizational consensus that they are your processes? 2. Start from KPIs:  If you know your processes, you should also know how to measure them.  Know what metrics define success in your business, how you want to measure them, and where the bar should be set for each.  Defining what you want to measure up front establishes what data needs to be collected and how - so you can measure it. 3. Do not reinvent the wheel:  Demand best practices approaches from your implementation team.  If you feel they’re figuring this out as they go, asking “what do you want it to do?” rather than presenting you with “here’s the most effective way to do this” or “here’s what other clients like you have used successfully before” … then you probably don’t have the right implementation team. 4. Don’t boil the ocean:  Build a [...]