The Hunley Group Blog: Building Product Manufacturers: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. KPIs in the CRM.

We asked a group of executives at a building materials client not long ago to provide us with a list of their key performance indicators (KPIs), or the measures they use to drive their company’s performance.  “Uh, we’ll get back to you.” Two months later we received a list of the measures. Yay! But … wait … it was just a list of what to measure, not what the actual goals were, the how-much-of-what-period kind of thing.  Sigh. Now.  I’m sure that’s not you.  But just in case you’re looking for some fresh ideas for how to suss out key insights from your CRM, we’ve got a few for you. Relationship Management Some folks call this call tracking, but let’s call a spade a spade.  Tracking activity from a measurement perspective should let you see that your team is making the right kind of calls on on the right customers - in other words, they’re measuring whether they right things are being to do maintain and enhance business relationships with your most important customers. Calls per week Visits per week Prospect first meetings per week Literature drops per week                                                                [...]