The Hunley Group Blog: The CEO & the CRM: 5 Tips for Successful Adoption

The CEO & the CRM: 5 Tips for Successful Adoption A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a necessary and exciting sales productivity tool for any company. It is a leading indicator of how your business will perform: you can see selling activity, which leads to pipeline growth, which leads to better sales forecasting, which leads to actual sales. But all too often, this big-ticket software purchase becomes a source of friction between you and your go-to-market team: adoption is low, the data is incomplete, and several sales reps steadfastly refuse to use it. And you, the CEO, are left wondering, “Why?”  Based on years and years of successful CRM installations and optimizations, we find the following roadmap to be critical. 1. Perception Mindset is Critical to Adoption If you approach the CRM as a “reporting tool” for executive benefit, you will have lost before you’ve begun. While a CRM IS an invaluable path to transparency into your organization’s performance  reporting tool for you and senior management, referencing focusing only on what reports you get out of it, rather than how it makes sales more effective, it as such to sales makes it sound like establishes that Big Brother is watching.  And it just drops another administrative burden on sales. Don’t be that CEO.   Perception matters.   Carrots and sticks. [...]