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Building Product Manufacturers – Livin’ in a Silo?

2023-04-25T20:21:27-05:00Categories: Building Products, Industry Perspectives|Tags: , |

Livin’ in a Silo?  Bust out by leveraging Marketing Automation + CRM together   Ever been in a siloed organization? Maybe we should ask, “ever not been in an organization with invisible walls between departments?” We see so many clients where it feels like marketing and sales are from different companies that it seems the exception rather [...]

CRM Best Practices – Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder, and Start Driving From Leading Indicators

2023-05-30T07:05:33-05:00Categories: Salesforce Success|Tags: , |

Using Lagging Indicators is Just Looking Over Your Shoulder Yay! You hit your sales bogie!  Big whoop; that was easy … to measure.  Because it’s all a done deal, and you know you have the win.  It comes out of the ERP database.  And man, that is traditional sales management - set a bogie, hire [...]

Building Products Manufacturers – Put Your Dealer (Contractor) Locator on Steroids

2023-05-03T10:06:05-05:00Categories: Building Products, Industry Perspectives|Tags: , |

If there’s anything ubiquitous about a building materials company’s website, it’s a dealer locator. (Or contractor locator. Or both. How about we just call it a “Locator” for this post?) Now, what would you like your Locator to do for you? Well, if you put in a postal code, you’d like it to return a [...]

Building Product Manufacturers – Put Yourself in the Master Spec With the Right Architects

2023-05-03T10:06:33-05:00Categories: Building Products, Industry Perspectives|Tags: , |

Put yourself in the master spec with the right architects Chasing specifications is an elbow-grease necessary part of the game in the world of commercial construction.  But it is tres laborious and time-consuming. And if you’ve got to try to get into a spec from the start, or flip a competitor’s spec, it’s pretty inefficient. [...]

Building Product Manufacturers – Part 2- Finish Winning the Game of Specifications

2023-04-25T20:25:30-05:00Categories: Building Products, Industry Perspectives|Tags: , |

The Great Game of Specifications, Continued ... In a previous post, we started to layout how you could leverage a CRM like Salesforce to raise your game in pursuit of specifications market success.  We discussed how to Capture, Conserve, and Flip. Now we continue with: 4. Maximize 5. Hold 6. Bid 7. Close 4. Maximize:  [...]

Got an Objective? Building Materials & CRM ROI

2023-05-03T10:09:39-05:00Categories: Building Products, Industry Perspectives|Tags: , |

Heard of companies who launch a CRM … because they’re supposed to have a CRM.  That ever been you? The CRM is sales, marketing, and service automation.  Done right, it becomes fruition of your business objectives, an extension of your corporate strategy.   It’s becoming a tactical execution of your plan. So, if you’re just starting [...]

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