Think You’re Ready? 7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Implementing a CRM.

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1. Do you have your business impact objectives identified?  IE, what you’re going to use the CRM to do for you? Too many people purchase a CRM “because they’re supposed to have one” and think it will move the needle for them based on that.  We’re not clear there are many other investments that businesses [...]

8 Points of Light: Making Your CRM Succeed for You

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CRM implementations (& major projects) succeed based on a set of common themes. What are things you can do to make them really successful:   1. Treat it as a process project, not a technology project:  CRMs are sales and marketing automation systems.  They automate your processes.  Before you start, have you identified what processes [...]

The CEO & the CRM: 5 Tips for Successful Adoption

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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a necessary and exciting sales productivity tool for any company. It is a leading indicator of how your business will perform: you can see selling activity, which leads to pipeline growth, which leads to better sales forecasting, which leads to actual sales. But all too often, this big-ticket [...]

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