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Maximize Your Channel Marketing Returns

Engaging the Long Tail

Every market has prime targets, and no doubt your field sales team is all over them. But the multitude of smaller customers they can’t reach? They’re an untapped goldmine. Using Salesforce Account Engagement, you can radar-blip your way into their world efficiently, funneling warmed-up leads to your sales reps when these prospects are ripe for conversation.

First Impressions Count!
Engaging New Accounts

In a world of customer choice, where similar products are readily accessible across numerous platforms, service becomes your distinction. The moment a fresh customer appears in your ERP system, you need to swoop in with the charm offensive — courtesy of Salesforce.

Account Engagement facilitates tailored messaging, firing off sleek, automated emails from the territory manager holding the account’s reins. It’s your welcoming committee, educator, and ambassador — crystallizing and communicating the unique value you bring to the table.

“Cash or Credit, Sir?” Converting customers to loyalty

Picture this familiar industry narrative: a customer begins with modest counter purchases on their company card, the “Cash Customer.” Your ultimate mission? Transmute them into a loyal, certified repeat buyer enjoying the benefits of being a “Credit Customer.”

Share of Wallet Campaigns

Syncing your sales history into Salesforce is for more than just sales visibility. It’s a treasure trove for your marketing leaders, too.

This data is your compass, guiding you to product categories the customer has yet to explore with you but could be persuaded to. Don’t just tell them what they can buy; educate them on the why.


Customer churn — the inevitable shadow of the distribution business. Salesforce analytics is your early warning system, helping you spot customers whose buying patterns flash a red alert, signaling they’re on the brink of walking away.

Reigniting Dark Accounts

So, they’ve drifted away. In the business realm, that’s not a death sentence, just a hiccup. It simply means they’ve gone dark, not buying from you after a spell of regular purchases.

Consider this another data breadcrumb you can follow; don’t just hand them over to the competition they’re presumably patronizing. Reclaim your territory.

Within the razor-thin margins of distribution, success lies not just in conquering the obvious but in leaving no stone unturned. With Salesforce at your command, every customer becomes a priority. Whether it’s the quiet ones in the ‘Long Tail,’ the fresh faces eager for engagement, or the lost sheep waiting to be reclaimed — they all count.

Leverage the power of data and innovative tech to forge stronger customer relationships, foster loyalty, and, ultimately, bolster your bottom line. Embrace the full spectrum of opportunities Salesforce provides. Win the battles and the war, one account at a time.

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