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The Ultimate Roadmap to AI-Powered Success in AEC

Going after profitable opportunities should be high on your objective list.

However, the questions persist: How do you precisely assess an opportunity before pursuing it? And how can you consistently outperform the competition? Uncover your answers with Salesforce and Artificial Intelligence.

Strategic Wins Await

Enter the era of AI-enabled Opportunity Scoring – an approach that helps you assess the feasibility, potential success, and inherent risks of an opportunity. This scoring system evaluates based on your criteria. Now, sales teams can focus on opportunities that have the best shot of turning into a win.

Finally, Some Competitor Clarity!

So, an opportunity has been identified; understanding the competitive landscape becomes the crucial next step. Let Einstein Relationship Insights be your map of competitor connections. 

The Google Chrome extension takes it to the next level, pulling out key details from articles and seamlessly fitting them into Salesforce. It’s data mining at its finest!

Simplify Executive Prep

Prepping for executive meetings in AEC? It’s always been tricky. Old-school methods with loads of reports complicate things, making decisions tough. AI steps in, offering real-time summaries via a GPT-powered window in Salesforce.

Cut Proposal Creation Time in Half with AI

Now, you have the opportunity, but the hands-on task of sifting through data and transforming it into project sheets and resumes can quickly turn into a headache.

AI Recommendations: Get recommended team members and project sheet items based on filters you have used in the past. Your lists will be prepped before you even open InDesign or Microsoft Word.

Generate Project Sheets and Craft Resource Resumes: Define attributes, and select relevant data including project descriptions, references, resource images, bios, education, certifications, awards, and affiliations.

We get it – AI might seem like uncharted territory, but the potential it holds to simplify your operations and open up fresh opportunities is closer than you think

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