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Integrating Your ERP with Salesforce: Simplified and Assured

Your ERP system is packed with data that could turn your business on its head – in a good way. And synchronizing the key data your sales, marketing, and service teams need to be effective and efficient between that ERP and Salesforce is something we do every day. 

We’ve integrated dozens of diverse ERP platforms into Salesforce; over the years, we’ve seen it all and solved it all. While every ERP houses unique data, we’ve developed a highly reliable and repeatable integration approach, using Salesforce to dismantle data walls to offer you a clear, unobstructed view of your business.

The Benefits of ERP-Salesforce Integration

  • Sales Team Supercharge: Empower your sales team with complete customer data at their fingertips. Informed decisions lead to stronger relationships and more closed deals.
  • Sharper Marketing Tactics: Centralize your data for more impactful marketing strategies. Drive your ROI higher with targeted campaigns based on detailed insights.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Equip your service team with instant access to essential customer information. Quicker resolutions lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Deliver Overall Efficiency: Keep your users in one system and eliminate the “swivel chair” between screens to make your people more effective and drive adoption. Pushing the right data back and forth reduces wasted effort and delivers productivity.

A Strategic, Simplified Integration Approach

We believe in making ERP integration with Salesforce as clear and straightforward as possible. Here’s our approach:

  1. Laser-Focus Your Goals: Understanding your objectives is key. We focus on the data most crucial for your business and strategize the integration accordingly.
  2. Leverage Salesforce’s Full Potential: Utilizing tools like Salesforce Connect, MuleSoft, Data Loader, or a direct API connection, we ensure a powerful and smooth integration.  Prefer a different integration platform? No problem – we’ll seamlessly adapt it to Salesforce. 
  3. Build, Test, Repeat: Our process involves meticulous building and testing to ensure reliability and effectiveness.
  4. Keep a Watchful Eye: Post-integration, we set up monitoring systems to ensure everything runs smoothly and evolves with your business.
  5. Data-Driven Culture: We help instill a mindset where data is not just numbers but a narrative that shapes your business decisions.

Integrating your ERP system with Salesforce is more than breaking down silos; it’s about reshaping how you see and use your data. It’s the difference between guesswork and precision. By working with integration experts at The Hunley Group, you’ll do more than meet your current needs — you’ll exceed your strategic goals with data-driven decisions.

By integrating departments and fostering a no-silo approach, you create an environment of digital transformation. A smooth, data-driven sales process doesn’t just enhance your sales team’s performance — it’s a game-changer for your entire business.

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