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Experienced Team, Better Results

With a decade of experience solving Salesforce problems for Distribution clients, we have a solid command of the language of the Distribution industry, so you’ll always get advice and solutions rooted in experience

We know that one size doesn’t fit all in this unique industry, so we work with you to customize a solution that fits your business like a well-tailored suit, seamlessly integrating your diverse systems, channels, and departments. Our engagement doesn’t end with strategy and advice; we walk alongside you, ensuring solutions are implemented effectively and deliver your targeted business outcomes.

Increase Retention and Build Lasting Loyalty

Your customers have lots of choice; success hinges on fostering loyalty that goes beyond mere satisfaction. Our solutions will help you become the gold standard in service, making your brand the most competitive choice. 

Turn Opportunities Into Certainties

Simplify and streamline your quote-to-conversion process. We work hand in hand to design revenue-boosting solutions, ensuring you not only match but outclass your competitors in strategic conversions.

Lead with Predictive Insights, not Reactive Hindsight

Tap into forward-thinking analytics to lead sales and strategy with predictive insights. Our data-driven solutions mean you won’t respond reactively to the market, you’ll stay ahead of it to take advantage of industry shifts, pivot before challenges become problems, and deliver proactive service and support. 

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Leverage state-of-the-art marketing automation tools for consistent, compelling audience engagement. We’ll create solutions to increase market share, tap new opportunities, and solidify your leadership in every territory.

Start your digital transformation with The Hunley Group.

Our industry experts use a process-driven approach to integrate Salesforce’s capabilities seamlessly into your business, solving challenges and identifying opportunities for innovation, differentiation, and growth.

“We have a fairly complicated set of processes and business rules in our organization, and The Hunley Group was able to work with us to streamline and distill our core requirements. Working with their team was and is a pleasure, and we will be continuing our business relationship with them for the foreseeable future.”

Distribution Client

Industry Solution Sets for You to Use

Best Practices Solutions for Distributors

Solution Set #`1

Using Data to Drive Sales Effectiveness

Your data is your sales team’s biggest asset. Ready to arm them with insights that will not only fuel their performance but also help them excel in their roles? Let’s go.

View the Solution Set Here

Best Practices Solutions for Distributors

Solution Set # 2

Maximize Your Channel Marketing Returns

Every market has prime targets and no doubt your field sales team is all over them. But the multitude of smaller customers they can’t reach? They’re an untapped goldmine.

View the Solution Set Here

Salesforce Expertise

A Few Success Stories

Here are a few success stories to give demonstrate the positive impact
our approach our practices can have on business outcomes.

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