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We don’t just speak the language of the AEC industry, we’ve lived it. Our team comes from the industry, so you’ll always get advice and solutions rooted in experience

We know that one size doesn’t fit all in this dynamic industry, so we work with you to customize a solution that fits your business like a well-tailored suit, seamlessly integrating your diverse systems, channels, and departments. Our engagement doesn’t end with strategy and advice; we walk alongside you, ensuring solutions are implemented effectively and deliver your targeted business outcomes.

Keep Tabs on Every Relationship

Maximize your network’s potential to drive more deals, increase project efficiency, and foster lasting bonds with clients. We design systems to manage every stakeholder relationship—from clients to crucial industry figures like engineers, architects, and subcontractors. The result? Better collaboration, communication, and an increased win rate.

Improve Your Bidding Strategy & Performance

Get detailed bidding analytics and refine your approach based on historical data and predictive insights. Our solutions will help standardize how you pursue projects and ensure you go after the work that is best aligned with your Go/No-Go process. 

Unleash your Marketing Department

Equip your marketing team with streamlined processes and effective tools. With Salesforce, we can produce staff resumes, manage project sheets, oversee essential marketing tasks, and drive success at your marketing events.

Get Accurate Forecasting and Resource Management

Get top-notch forecasting and smart resource planning with solutions that give you a clear picture of what each project needs. This means your team and materials are always used to their fullest—no waste, no shortfall. Trust in our approach to keep you prepared and ahead of the curve.

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Our industry experts use a process-driven approach to integrate Salesforce’s capabilities seamlessly into your business, solving challenges and identifying opportunities for innovation, differentiation, and growth.

Packaged Solutions for AEC

ERP Integration with
Mulesoft Starter Pack

Our ERP Integration Starter Pack is designed to empower your sales team by incorporating ERP data into Salesforce, providing a full view that transforms processes and drives efficiency.

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Field Service QuickStart
for AEC

Specifically designed for AEC and Subcontractors, our Field Service Quickstart is designed to coordinate all the moving parts, track progress during appointments, and increase customer satisfaction all while controlling costs.

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“The Hunley Group implemented one of the most powerful tools to date for us from a sketch I gave them on the back of some scratch paper. They set up a Revenue Forecasting Tool that allows us to visualize the backlog left on our projects. This tool has been instrumental in allowing us to make the right decision on which projects to be aggressive on and which projects to back off from. I don’t know how we functioned without this tool.”

Engineering Client

Success Stories

Multiple business units and office locations worked with separate spreadsheets and databases to track project leads. With a lack of centralized communication, the firm was missing out on leveraging existing relationships to pursue projects successfully.

We used our standard industry architecture as a basis and customized it for the client’s specific needs so they could use Salesforce to identify project pursuits associated with each office and all the related parties (owner, consultants, etc.). With the information centralized, a BD dashboard gave an overview of pursuits at different stages with filters by office and market segment, and underlying reports showed data on project pursuits at different stages.

Personal introductions led to growth in successful pursuits. Visibility to existing relationships made it easier to find who knows who. Weekly team meetings were more efficient and effective across the organization.

With a lot of project leads coming in, it can be hard to take a step back and make decisions about what to pursue, and sometimes there isn’t a good discussion about what to say “no” to. The firm wasn’t adequately tracking go-no go decisions, and some projects were slipping through the net so they were spending time and resources pursuing leads they should not. They were more likely to win an unprofitable project or lose a desirable bid they hadn’t put enough focus on.

We built a custom solution in Salesforce to capture relevant data to assess go/no-go decisions. Each project lead was scored based on the likelihood of winning the business, and the potential profitability of the project. Built-in approval processes allowed the firm to route decisions on large or risky projects to the top of the organization and decisions on smaller projects to the local offices. All information was centralized and accessible to key contributors.

Processes to follow for each pursuit and company-wide visibility led to better decision-making, open discussion so new people can learn why decisions are made, more efficient use of time and resources, and an increase in profitable projects.

The firm needed visibility into each team member’s current and future workload. Project assignments were being managed using decentralized manual tracking methods, and would often fall behind as projects and priorities shifted, leading to too much or too little work and high levels of stress on the team.

We implemented Salesforce with resource management functionality. Through a visual interface, employees could be assigned to pursuits or projects in the short term or long term. The tool provided visibility into whether there was too much or too little work assigned to each team member.

Company-wide visibility into updated resource management tracking led to less stress and higher productivity across the team. Easier insight into whether the relevant resources are available to help decide whether to pursue a project.

The firm needed visibility into overall expected revenue for key project pursuits and for projects already underway. As start and end dates and total revenue tend to change over time, and the revenue for a project may follow one of several curves, this was done on a single spreadsheet that was difficult to maintain and keep up to date. Days were spent each month by multiple people to make updates that may already be out of date by the time the revenue forecast was presented.

We customized Salesforce to create an expected revenue curve for each Opportunity or Project, automatically updated for future months as the dates and total revenue changed. We used an Einstein Analytics dashboard for advanced viewing and manipulation of the data, with numerous filters and the ability to remove specific opportunities (or projects) from the forecast. The same data could be seen through a number of different lenses.

Leadership and finance could see visual, up-to-date, aggregated revenue forecasting and filter down to see the expected performance in different areas of the company. This helped them make decisions about right-sizing their workforce and related purchases such as equipment.

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