See It In Action

Designed exclusively for AEC companies, ProposalWizard is a Salesforce productivity tool that accelerates proposal creation with superior speed and accuracy, ensuring a competitive edge. ProposalWizard is a custom extension that pulls all of your necessary data from Salesforce to Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word, allowing you to create multiple project sheets, resumes, or other documents simultaneously.

Features & Functions

Project Sheets

  • Define attributes and select relevant data like project descriptions, references, and resource images.       

  • Dynamically search or filter based on specific criteria, generating a project sheet with custom inquiries. Like, “Which projects have you executed in the construction industry in Virginia, over $100 million, in the past 3 years?”

Resource Resumes

  • Craft resumes by easily adjusting criteria to pull in the most relevant resource data, including bios, education, certifications, awards, affiliations, references, and more.

  • ProposalWizard ensures resumes are tailored to the unique requirements of each project.

Customizable Templates

  • Tailor your documents effortlessly with templates. 

  • Define the structure, layout, and content according to your preferences.

  • Present information that aligns perfectly with your brand and project needs.

Document Creation Data

  •  Easily manage the data necessary to populate resume and project sheet documents.

  • Store and maintain information like bios, projects, education, certifications, awards, affiliations, references, and more.

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