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Let’s Talk About Showrooms! 

As industry experts, we spend time with our clients looking for opportunities to leverage technology. Recent “customer visits” to showrooms from four different cabinetry dealers surfaced a consistent opportunity – capturing and leveraging customer information. It’s not just a missed opportunity but a problem that demands a smart solution.

First, Don’t Let “Anonymous” Leads Walk Out The Door

Our visits were professional and helpful walkthroughs – but! We were 0-for-4 in dealers seeking to ask for our contact information; we were just 1-for-4 in even being asked for which builder we were working with. Reimagine: 15 seconds to capture 7 data fields on a tablet, THEN the showroom tour.

Next, Maximize Conversion of Those Leads

A lead can come in many forms and your team needs to be able to make the distinction and reach out accordingly

  • Automatically Feed Them Relevant Information: Let’s replace that 0-for-4 follow-up with a concept like this: a series of emails that engage that homeowner with stunning examples of kitchens with cabinets in their budget range, tips on designing a dream home, and ideas for the latest in cool features they didn’t know about.

  • Capture & Use Their “Digital Body Language”: Did those customers visit the bathroom or kitchen section of your website? Which kitchen styles are they looking at? Share this with your sales team so they can pivot and further tailor messaging.

  • Renovation Customer Buying Directly?: Spot buying behaviors that suggest when they’re getting serious, and it’s time to close the deal. Grading leads is one of Salesforce Account Engagement’s extracurriculars. Your sales team can confidently identify and engage with A+ leads ready for immediate purchase. Take it one step further and grade across your distinct customer personas based on budget, style, and timing.

Then, Leverage Leads to Strengthen Your Builder Relationships

Foster more synergy in your showroom by creating real-time communication with your sales representatives, homeowners, and the associated builders. Transform builders into collaborative partners by ensuring they are quickly informed when their customer walks through the door.

  • Let Your Builders Know What You’re Doing for Them: A homeowner completes a form on a tablet handed over by your sales representative, and if they’re working with a builder in your database, instantly, an automatic notification is pushed to that builder’s key contacts. This direct involvement keeps your builder customers in the loop and opens avenues to address questions or provide more information quickly.

  • Pull Your Sales Representative In, Too: Salesforce can alert sales representatives associated with that builder automatically. They can then use that information as good timing for outreach to strengthen relationships and loyalty with the builders who bring you so much business.

Flipping Things Around to the Service End of the Business

How Close Can We Help You Get to “One and Done?” By stepping into a more advanced service realm, you set your team apart from the rest. In this journey, we’ll explore solutions that go beyond convention, where excellence becomes a defining characteristic of your dealership’s service.

Let’s Get Some Eyes on That. Ever get a callback to fix a dinged-up door, and you were just sure your installer did it perfectly? HAD to be another trade? Ensuring that completion photos, or even a video or two, are logged to a shareable system let’s you prove that. And a costly callback turns into a billable repair job.

Seamless Scheduling: How many times did your installer have to go back to the job site? Perhaps it was a broken part or misplaced hardware. Then leverage Salesforce Field Service to give your team the capability and visibility to schedule dynamically, provide real-time updates, and meet those deadlines. Isn’t it always the goal to have everything where it’s supposed to be, so your installer can be in and out in a flash?

Breaking The Callback Barrier: Inefficient callback management can lead to customer dissatisfaction. While a perfect system may not exist, a better way to address this issue is by utilizing reporting tools. Use those recorded images to ensure you know what materials you need. And then analyze callback activity through Salesforce reporting to gain valuable insights into patterns and recurring issues – go straight to the source, and fix it!

Warranty Streamline: Salesforce can be a game-changer for centralizing warranty data, automating communication for timely reminders, and providing a customer portal for streamlined service requests. Reduced errors and elevated customer satisfaction are only a few clicks away.

Allow Hunley to lead you in redefining excellence in both sales and service, setting you distinctly apart from the competition. Book a complimentary consultation with one of our industry experts today!

Transform Your Cabinetry Dealership with Salesforce

Now that you have a strategy, here are the key Salesforce products that will support your dealership.

Manufacturing Cloud

Capture customer data, maximize lead conversion, and strengthen builder relationships.

Marketing Cloud

Elevate marketing strategies through automated engagement and personalized messaging.

Field Service

Dynamically schedule, get real time updates, and efficient callback management, ensuring a seamless service experience.


Get effortless integration and connectivity and streamline data flow between all of your systems.

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