Best Practice Solution Set for Building Products Manufacturers

The Loyalty Blueprint:  Being Easy to do Business With

Earning loyalty in the building materials world isn’t just about quality products anymore. Customers want effortless experiences. Like water flowing to its lowest point, customers will always choose the path of least resistance—even if it means switching to another vendor or supplier. You want that path to flow to you, but based on loyalty & preference, not by just having the lowest price. Here are three ways to make it smoother and faster for customers to do business with you so they continue choosing you over competitors. 

Let Them Get Information How THEY Want

Customers have questions. You have the data to answer. Use Salesforce to ensure the answers are always available. The age of waiting for replies is behind us.

There’s beauty in self-reliance, but few of our building products manufacturing clients have leveraged the Salesforce Customer Community to its potential, and even fewer have made it mobile. 

It’s time to step up. Empowering customers with tools to help themselves can significantly improve their overall satisfaction:

  • Develop a user-friendly portal in Salesforce that provides customers with essential data, like order history and product documentation. And to keep the experience sharp, weave in feedback systems directly within the portal, ensuring it evolves with user needs.
  • Embed real-time order tracking directly into Salesforce Experience Cloud, making it easy for customers to monitor their orders whenever, wherever. Harness Mobile Publisher and MuleSoft to centralize product details, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides within the Experience Cloud portal and its mobile app. And, to cap it off, implement predictive search functions so users can quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.
Let Them Communicate With You How THEY Prefer

Most companies we encounter in building products still leverage only two primary forms of communication through their systems – voice and email. That leaves a considerable portion of the audience out of their preferred channel of engaging with you. Embrace an omnichannel strategy with Salesforce, integrating phone systems, email, SMS, and live chats. And if you’re not texting your contractors yet, start yesterday. It’s the future, packaged for today.

  • Integrate Salesforce Service Cloud with phone systems, email servers, and SMS gateways for seamless communication. Roll out live chat features on your website, ensuring real-time support. And don’t forget to tailor the whole communication journey for mobile—remember, most of your customers live on their phones.
Let Them Buy How THEY Prefer

Amazon has long since raised the bar for near-effortless consumer purchasing. However, in the building products world, many firms still have subpar e-commerce solutions (or none at all). 

Just as Amazon transformed B2C purchasing, Salesforce B2B Commerce is reshaping the landscape for B2B manufacturers. Use it to make it easier for your customers to buy from you, whether they prefer traditional purchase orders or the convenience of a quick online transaction.

  • Integrate Salesforce B2B Commerce for a streamlined online business shopping experience, providing bulk ordering, tailored pricing, and efficient reorder processes.

  • Optimize for mobile. Your customers are mobile, so you should be too. Make sure your e-commerce solution is responsive and mobile-friendly to serve on-the-go customers.

  • Offer multiple payment options. Offer a range of payment options including credit cards, net banking, purchase orders, and electronic transfers.

  • Collect ongoing feedback. Understand user preferences and adjust the e-commerce experience based on their insights.

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The digital age demands more than just great products and competitive prices—your edge lies in the experience you offer. Embrace these steps, leverage Salesforce and the insights from The Hunley Group, and watch as your business transforms into a customer magnet. When customers find it effortless to engage with you, loyalty isn’t just earned—it’s secured.

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