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Win the Great Game of Specifications with AI

Struggling to navigate the labyrinth of turning project specifications into product wins?

You’re not alone. Complexity and a paper storm plague the spec process, leading to delays, errors, and missed growth opportunities. But what if there was a way to streamline this intricate journey? The power of the Salesforce AI platform gives you the edge to win the game of specifications.

Get your team focused on the RIGHT Specifiers

Securing the right specifier is essential for ensuring that your product is effectively positioned and selected for inclusion in a project. With tens of thousands of architectural and engineering firms, of varying sizes and capabilities, your team can pretty easily boil the ocean. The question of, “Which specifiers do we need to target?” is a grand guessing game, as opposed to a data-driven approach.

By ingesting data into Salesforce Data Cloud from construction project databases such as ConstructConnect, Dodge, and others, plus leveraging open domain searches, that information can be fully realized and used to your greatest advantage. Now, Salesforce can segment and analyze information about specifiers to target the ones that are worth your time, so you can pursue meetings to position your products. This process eliminates the guesswork and delivers targeted Architect or Engineer lists to pursue for maximum impact.

Early Project Insights:
Build a Targeted Database Fast

Luckily, useful data sources are everywhere, even outside of your org. One of the most effective ways to gather pertinent information is by parsing through project documents as these can contain details about project requirements, specifications, timelines, and stakeholders. Salesforce Einstein can sift through spec and drawing docs, capture essential details, and drop them directly into Salesforce.

To truly maximize potential, it’s imperative to extend reach beyond the confines of your organization. News articles, industry publications, and websites related to your targeted projects are rich repositories of valuable information. Utilize Einstein Relationship Insights to analyze external sources for information on upcoming projects and industry trends. This allows you to maximize your data utilization by tapping into the vast information available on the World Wide Web.

Data Mine Those Plan Rooms

Within the plan room lies a complex web of documents, but also project opportunities that are waiting to be snagged by your sales team. Old school, you’re facing hours to mine those thousands of pages and drawings by hand. However, by leveraging Salesforce data with the assistance of Einstein Analytics, sales teams can efficiently review project plans, drawings, and specifications. Moreover, they can analyze large amounts of data stored in Salesforce, including market trends and sales records, to uncover potential sales opportunities and drive business growth.

Put Salesforce AI to work right now in your spec process. As experts in the building product manufacturing industry, we know the specification process could hugely benefit from the integration of AI. 

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