The Hunley Group Blog: #WFH – Lessons from a 100% Virtual Company

#WFH - Lessons from a 100% Virtual Company The rising threat of the novel coronavirus has forced businesses to scramble to move their teams to home offices. It’s disruptive upheaval; it all feels shockingly different. #WFH (Working From Home) is the new normal. Yet as our country starts practicing Social Distancing, The Hunley Group team members are having a surreal experience. Because there is no change for us. We’re a fully virtual company; have been for the ten years we’ve been in business. Maybe we can share some tips and tricks to help you and your team transition smoothly to our virtual working world. Get a routine in place.  Start your day off the same way you would if you were heading to the office. Get up, dressed and ready, and get to your desk the same time you would in your normal routine. Maintain your regular hours if possible. Relish the fact that you have no stressful commute! Watch the hours! No, not working too few - working too many! One of the benefits of working from home is flexible hours, but you can often get lost in your work because the distance between the mouse and the dinner table blurs. You don’t have to work 9 to 5 but keep the number of hours you work as normal [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: Clean Data. What a concept.

Clean Data. What a concept. Well, There's really no such thing as a pristinely clean database is there? We’ve never seen one. How about CRM databases? A CRM is open-access for a lot of users, many of whom may ... let’s say ... not have too much discipline about what they put in. And you’re loading up website leads, trade show leads, list purchases, prospect databases, and countless other sources. So CRM databases over time can get really dirty. Let’s define “dirty“because that can mean a lot of things. Here are the usual suspects: Duplication. Big one. Companies, contacts, leads, etc. Non-standardized data, such as all-caps FIRST NAME or all lower-case, phone numbers without hyphens, Inc. and Incorporated, MA and Massachusetts, ZIPs in the Northeast US without a leading zero, etc. Missing data fields, such as blank phone numbers, ZIP but no City/State, no website, blank email address, etc. Incorrect data fields, such as invalid phone, ZIP, or email address, wrong company on contact, and on. Missing data records, such as incomplete lists of prospect companies or companies with no contacts. Mis-targeted data records, such a database full of prospects that are poor fits for your business. We’ve seen all ends of the spectrum here in terms of poor data hygiene, and many different mindsets for dealing with it. Clients [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: Building Products Manufacturers – Put your Dealer (Contractor) Locator on steroids

  Building Products Manufacturers - Put your Dealer (Contractor) Locator on steroids   If there’s anything ubiquitous about a building materials company’s website, it’s a dealer locator. (Or contractor locator. Or both. How about we just call it a “Locator” for this post?) Now, what would you like your Locator to do for you? Well, if you put in a postal code, you’d like it to return a list of the closest dealers or contractors closest? What else would you like? Let’s think about that for a minute; hmm ... Well, first you’d like that list to be current and accurate. You’d like to maintain the underlying database that gets polled to be easy. Or maybe even zero effort on your website. You’d like to be able to prioritize your best (or preferred) dealers & contractors so they show up first You’d like to rotate through those favorites so everyone gets a shot at the top You’d probably like to be able to let your contractors and dealers choose which ZIPs they show up in, not just which they’re closest to, since their shop might be pretty far from the chichi neighborhoods most likely to make big purchases. You’d like to let your customers connect directly with your partners, but have some control over knowing that they did You’d like [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: 6 Steps to Successful CRM Projects

We identify six steps in an implementation:   Requirements definition Configuration Testing Data migration Training Adoption   Requirements Definition We feel that the requirements definition is by far the most important part of the effort.  Our point of view holds it appropriate to view CRM projects as process automation exercises, not technology projects.  Therefore, defining processes thoroughly and aligning the best-fit approaches to automating them in the CRM such that the CRM then fits like a well-tailored suit is a step whose importance we cannot over-emphasize.   Configuration The configuration is the actual architecting and development of the platform to meet requirements.  This requires competence and experience in execution.   Testing Testing is the user acceptance process to ensure that the system meets requirements – and that in practice the requirements were actually defined correctly. Data Migration A solid CRM is a Ferrari.  But a Ferrari is no fun to drive if the gas tank is empty.  Data is fuel for a CRM. Therefore, well-groomed Account, Contact, Opportunity, and other data should be preloaded to the system. Training Training of users is critical to their embrace and effective use of the system, particularly if they’ve never used a CRM before.  We recommend training be done simultaneous to system launch – CRMs are best learned by doing, so users should be expected [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog:: Is your CRM a failure?  Is it the CRM, or is it you?

Is your CRM a failure?  Is it the CRM, or is it you?   Wow.  More Than a 50% Failure Rate So we ran a little survey.  Polled about 1,000 executives and sales users on their perceived CRM success.  And less than 50% considered their CRM a win.     So We Asked Some More Questions.  And It Got Really Interesting. While we were at it, we also surveyed the group on their adoption of CRM best practices.  Wow. It turns out there’s a very strong correlation between whether those frustrated with their platform were adhering to those best practices.   The reality?  It’s not whether a CRM will work for you; it’s whether you know how to make it work for you. Grouping the Key Questions Adoption.  Adoption means your user set has embraced the CRM as an embedded tool.  Users adopt a system that is an indispensable productivity tool for users, that management can’t function without, and that management mandates use of. Organizational Commitment.  You've almost certainly heard the adage, “if it isn't in the CRM, it doesn't exist!” Cliché by now? Yeah. Well, it’s true. Successful embrace of a CRM does not happen by osmosis. It happens because the management team is determined that a CRM is a mission-critical system.  They’ve ensured that all users are trained and [...]

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