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Building Materials, a Plan for Moving Ahead!

Between April and May of 2022, Hunley strategists sampled the outlook and collected pain points from a sample representation of our clients across the building materials manufacturing sector.  A consistent theme emerged, best characterized by the following:

  1. Building products are the new toilet paper
  2. People pain permeates
  3. We’re running the sales prevention department
  4. Winter is coming.  Maybe?
  5. People are swimming naked.
  6. We’re so far behind
  7. Carpe diem, say those looking ahead.

Theme 7:  Carpe diem, say those looking ahead

Customers are behind the technology curve, and they know it.  Pretty broadly, they are cash-flush right now.  A number see now as a good time to invest & prepare.

It’s a matter of how much vision each firm’s leadership has and how much they envision engagement with customers one to two years in the future.

A sampling of viewpoints:

  • “In construction generally, if you’re not overflowing with work and profitable, you have serious fundamentals issues.”
  • “When we can sell again, Salesforce will become critical.”
  • “However, if I look at [CPQ, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud …], can I get the same ROI as hiring two sales people instead?”  (NOTE:  It is definitely not consistent that clients use a sophisticated ROI approach.)

So now we look ahead when selling picks up again, when and how can we implement Salesforce to help us become successful? That’s where The Hunley Group can come in and help you implement and prepare for success. We can show you Salesforce as more than a CRM but a tool that will help you simplify your business and succeed.

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