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Administration & Support Models – Using Consultants & Salesforce Partners Correctly

2023-05-03T09:53:12-05:00Categories: Administration & Governance, Salesforce Success|Tags: , |

What are the possible models for "owning" a platform like Salesforce? So, we hope we have clearly established the need for a solid approach to administering your Salesforce instance in a previous post here. Now let's spend some time talking about the various possible approaches to managing your platform and how to apply outside help [...]

Building Product Manufacturers: Steering the CRM Ship: Think Governance

2023-05-30T07:00:47-05:00Categories: Administration & Governance, Salesforce Success|Tags: , |

Guiding the Salesforce Ship Requires Captaincy In our previous post, we discussed road maps. Clearly, the CRM matures over time; it's on a journey. Well. Where exactly did that road map come from? And who's got their hand on the long-term wheel to ensure we navigate down the charted path? And who's deciding if we [...]

Build Your Way to Success With a ROADMAP

2023-06-06T08:35:57-05:00Categories: Administration & Governance, Salesforce Success|Tags: , |

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there, hmm?   There’s a great Eisenhower quote, “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” The implication is that while the winds of time and circumstance can make a great plan obsolete, the process of continually planning sets you up to reassess and adapt [...]

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