Bidding Better: Best Practices for Optimizing Project Decision-Making with Salesforce

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  A Guide For Growing AEC Firms When running a small Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firm, deciding what projects to take on is crucial. You have limited time and resources, so project bids require careful consideration and strategic judgment. But what if you could make this process easier while building for scale?  For growing [...]

Administration & Support Models – Using Consultants & Salesforce Partners Correctly

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What are the possible models for "owning" a platform like Salesforce? So, we hope we have clearly established the need for a solid approach to administering your Salesforce instance in a previous post here. Now let's spend some time talking about the various possible approaches to managing your platform and how to apply outside help [...]

Your Customer Service Team Needs a System

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When people hear about Salesforce, the first thing they think of is sales, but many people do not know that Salesforce’s Service Cloud does more revenue than its Sales Cloud offering.  For many Building Product Manufacturers, leaders may hear Service Cloud and think, “So what? I do not have a high volume call center, and [...]

Why Marketers Need to Do a Better Job of Following Up – A Marketer’s POV Part 3

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Too often, I see web inquiries go into a black hole—handed off to Sales which leaves Marketing in the dark. #1: This is one of the top complaints I hear from Marketers—lack of transparency when handing off a lead to sales. #2: I believe Marketing and Sales can align and complement the conversations each is having. Follow-up  [...]

Data, Data, Data! — From a Marketer’s POV (a 3 Part Blog Series)

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Out-of-date data, AKA data past its sell-by date Missing data Desktop data, AKA data that lives in spreadsheets on your desktop (you know what I mean…and we’re all guilty of it) Too many static lists “Good enough” data Does this sound like you? If so, you’re not alone.  We’ve seen it many times—too much time [...]

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