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Why Marketers Need to Do a Better Job of Following Up – A Marketer’s POV Part 3

2023-05-30T06:58:08-05:00Categories: Marketing Automation, Salesforce Success|Tags: , |

Too often, I see web inquiries go into a black hole—handed off to Sales which leaves Marketing in the dark. #1: This is one of the top complaints I hear from Marketers—lack of transparency when handing off a lead to sales. #2: I believe Marketing and Sales can align and complement the conversations each is having. Follow-up  [...]

Data, Data, Data! — From a Marketer’s POV (a 3 Part Blog Series)

2023-05-03T09:59:38-05:00Categories: Marketing Automation, Salesforce Success|Tags: , |

Out-of-date data, AKA data past its sell-by date Missing data Desktop data, AKA data that lives in spreadsheets on your desktop (you know what I mean…and we’re all guilty of it) Too many static lists “Good enough” data Does this sound like you? If so, you’re not alone.  We’ve seen it many times—too much time [...]

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