Hunley Group

You want sales, marketing and customer service investments to be tied to revenue growth. You want sales efforts to be productive and to grow renewals/repeat business, and you’d like to be able to measure the results, knowing with confidence which actions and investments led to which outcomes. But you don’t have the dedicated expertise, and you sure don’t have the time to learn it from scratch yourself.

That’s where you turn to The Hunley Group. We build sales, marketing and customer service processes that excel at this; we can help you make it part of your organization.


At The Hunley Group we take the time to intimately understand your sales, marketing and customer service processes and recommend exactly how a CRM such as should be used to deliver productivity gains, improved sales results, renewals/repeat business, and transparent visibility into your pipeline. We deliver real, executive-level strategic thinking where process comes first and the tools come second.

  • New CRM definition and implementation projects
  • Optimization of existing implementations
  • Process development, enabling you to unlock powerful capabilities
  • Selection and integration of enhancing tools – email, survey and marketing automation
  • Outsourced administration support – let the experts at Hunley manage it for you


Making your sales pipeline perform

Leads have little value if they’re not effectively prosecuted. That means good sales process supported by appropriate tools.

  • Sales process definition and optimization
  • Lead nurturing and marketing automation
  • Sales efficiency and productivity optimization – tool selection, implementation, and training
  • Reporting, data harvesting, and visual dashboards


your sales

Sales’ core responsibility is building relationships to turn prospects into customers. They’re most productive when they spend their time selling, not prospecting. That’s achieved by putting a steady flow of qualified, sales-ready prospects in their hands. We know how to help you make that happen.

  • List development and strategy, including SEO, SEM and web page optimization
  • Digital marketing and direct response programs
  • Lead qualification processes
  • Inside sales and call center design, team hiring, and training


Making your software investment pay off

Moving to a marketing automation platform such as Eloqua, Marketo, or Pardot requires far more than simply setting software up properly. Many clients seek guidance on how to structure a long-term plan for success. And many other clients come to us for assistance with an existing implementation. Because we have extensive in-house marketing executive experience, you benefit from the scar tissue we built from learning experiences in prior lives.

  • Assembling strategic roadmaps for Marketing Automation Software (MAS) success
  • Implementing MAS for the first time
  • Aligning Sales and Marketing to maximize the output of MAS
  • Dashboarding and ROI measurement
  • Tactical planning and execution


Support, renewals and cross-selling/upselling

You’ve worked hard to get your customers – let’s make sure we keep them and give them added value, while maximizing revenue from them.

  • Cross-channel customer service – phone, email, live chat and social
  • Customer portals, including self-service
  • 360 degree view of customers
  • Automated renewal processes
  • White space identification for additional products/services to sell


Management of sales and marketing data

The quality of sales and marketing databases is something we hear about all the time. Poor quality data (duplication, missing data, incorrect data and inadequate data) is a big headwind to the ability of sales, marketing and customer service teams to execute their day-to-day responsibilities, and to executives who can’t measure what’s going on in their organization.

  • Sales, marketing and customer service data management strategy
  • Marketing database construction and implementation
  • Data hygiene process development, tool selection and setup, process rollouts, and training
  • Data quality improvement project definition and management
  • Outsourced database quality management


Making your software investment pay off


Many organizations execute marketing campaigns competently. Not many can claim good processes to measure the results. Fewer still can say they’re confident in the measurements they have.

  • Campaign architecture design
  • Automated list-building processes
  • Measurement of sales-to-marketing handoffs
  • Response capture and tracking – cradle to grave
  • Reporting and dashboarding