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The Hunley Group Blog: Building Product Manufacturers – Marketing Automation: 7 Nifty ideas for engaging architects.

Marketing Automation: 7 Nifty ideas for engaging architects.   If you work in the world of commercially-specified building materials, you know how important engaging and educating architects is. They’re also an audience that is programmed by their very jobs to receive. And the foundational concept of marketing automation is rooted in content marketing delivery through automated drip email campaigns. It’s such a natural fit that it’s incredible to us how few building materials firms leverage it. Here are some ideas to get you started right. Make it high-minded. You can’t deliver a lunch & learn with brand advertising splattered all over it; don’t do it with your nurturing campaigns, either. The content should be educational, useful, and actionable to the recipient. Make it relevant. Know as much about your audience as you can, and ensure that information is tailored to them. For example, if a particular firm specializes in healthcare design, capture that information on the Account in your CRM and feed the MAS with that data to ensure those prospects are mapped to medical facility-specific materials. Respect preference. Make sure you have a preference center set up such that every recipient can self-select to the kind of information they have a personal interest in. Let them select what categories of products, which types of applications, and what frequency they [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: Building Product Manufacturers – Livin’ in a Silo?

 Livin’ in a Silo?  Bust out by leveraging Marketing Automation + CRM together   Ever been in a siloed organization? Maybe we should ask, “ever not been in an organization with invisible walls between departments?” We see so many clients where it feels like marketing and sales are from different companies that it seems the exception rather than the rule. Both groups have the company’s best interests at heart, but wow, do they have misaligned agendas.   And it feels like they’re leaving so much value on the table by not collaborating better with each other. Technology is a danged fine way to bring Sales & Marketing together. Indeed, Sales and Customer Service, or Marketing and Customer Service, or … all three. There are ways a CRM + MAS (Marketing Automation Software) platform can help get Sales and Marketing aligned and force conversations on standard definitions that might have been nothing more than assumptions before. So. If your marketing automation platform pulls data from your CRM as the basis for email lists, that’s the first step in collapsing some walls. Because if Salesforce is the source for Pardot, it’s tough to be effective unless: Sales have provided tacit approval for marketing to “talk” to their contacts Marketing must lean on sales to ensure the database has enough attribution for them to pull a [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: CRM Best Practices – Stop looking over your shoulder, and start driving from leading indicators

Using Lagging Indicators is Just Looking Over Your Shoulder Yay! You hit your sales bogie!  Big whoop; that was easy … to measure.  Because it’s all a done deal, and you know you have the win.  It comes out of the ERP database.  And man, that is traditional sales management - set a bogie, hire the rep, give them a phone, measure their sales performance.   Mission accomplished?  Gosh, we hope not.  Because all sales results can tell you is that you did win.  And if you’re in sales and marketing, you want to be measuring the things that tell you that you will win.  Next month, next quarter, and ideally, next year.  And most likely, you have a pretty good sense of what things a sales person should be doing that will lead to wins.   Looking Forward is What a CRM Should Help You Do Using a CRM right means looking forward to the right actions to take.  Then sales actuals can become more of a “well, of course, we hit the numbers” thing.   A well-architected CRM will help you excel at this. Have you clearly defined the sales activity strategy?  Do you need to build your channel?  Do you need to target new customers?  Do you need to more-deeply-penetrate existing customers?  Do you need to maintain where [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: What can YOU do to drive CRM adoption?

What can YOU do to drive CRM adoption? You Spend Some Serious Coin; How Do You Get Your People Using It? Have you ever heard about (or seen!) a CRM getting launched - well designed, and with all the best intentions - and then it just … sits there. Mediocre adoption, nothing really happening. Guessing you have. Today, I had a client CEO ask me the sweetest question I’ve heard in a while, “OK, we’re launched. What can we be doing to drive the adoption of this thing?” First of all, if you have that level of commitment, all the way from the top, you’re destined for success. But second, you have a team that realizes that it won’t simply happen on its own. There’s work to be done post-launch. This is change management; you have to drive it home. (Check out one of our previous post on driving CRM adoption) Here’s How To Think About It Build a plan. Crawl, walk, run. Set expectations based on practicalities.   What do you expect to see in week 1? What do you expect to see in weeks 2 and 3? Month 2? Month 3? First, look for usage.  It would be best if you had an adoption dashboard that shows whether everyone is logging in, how often when they last did so. It should include [...]

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The Hunley Group Blog: The Salesforce Feature that your Company Should be Using During Covid-19

The Salesforce Feature that your Company Should be Using During Covid-19 By: Rob Hansen and Lauren Thompson Contributions from: Jennifer Borkovich   Why should I be using Salesforce Communities with my customers...? During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have had to move from an everyday office to a virtual team. Keeping in touch with and staying engaged with clients in these circumstances is challenging, but now is also when customers need it most. We have seen how Salesforce Communities can alleviate some of these challenges. Customers rely on constant communication, and communities are one way to keep an open conversation, keep customers up to date on projects, and answer questions quickly. What are Communities, and how can it help my customers…? As noted in our team blog post, communities are branded spaces for people to connect online. Salesforce Communities look like any other website but have the power of Salesforce behind them. But Salesforce communities differ from email and other channels in that they are secure and have the data directly accessible from your Salesforce.  You have probably interacted with dozens of Salesforce Communities when you are shopping online or researching a product and do not even realize it. Communities for customers is a self-service that easily connects them to business data, empowering them to manage their [...]

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